Aircraft Maintenance (Aerospace) Technology (682)

BookList 2016

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1st Semester

CodeSubject Name
68211Theory of Flight
68212Aero-Engineering Drawing
65812Physical Education & Life Skill development
66712Electrical Engineering Fundamentals

2nd Semester

CodeSubject Name
68221Aircraft Structure & Repair
65722Communicative English
67011Basic workshop practice
65811Social science

3rd Semester

CodeSubject Name
68231Aircraft Fuel and Fire Protection System
68232Aero -Thermodynamics and Power Plant
68233Aircraft Materials
66611Computer application
66822Electronic Engineering Fundamentals

4th Semester

CodeSubject Name
68241Aircraft Pneumatic & Ice-Rain Protection
68242Aircraft Hardware
68243Aircraft Hydraulic & Flight Controls
68244Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Construction
68346Aircraft Electrical System
68245Aero Modeling & Presentation
65841Business Origination & Communication

5th Semester

CodeSubject Name
68251Aircraft Landing Gear
68252Air-conditioning and Pressurization system
68253Gas Turbine Engine System
68254Aircraft Propellers
68355Aircraft Digital Technique
65851Accounting Theory & Practice
69054Environmental Studies

6th Semester

CodeSubject Name
68261Gas Turbine Engine Starting and Monitoring
68262Aircraft Equipment and Furnishing
68263Helicopter Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
68264Aircraft Instrument & Avionics System
68265Engineering Ethics
68366Computer Aided Design (CAD)
65852Industrial Management

7th Semester

CodeSubject Name
68271Aviation Legislation-I
68272Aviation Legislation- II
68273Aircraft Maintenance Practices
68274Industrial Revolution & Space Technology
68371Human Factors
68372Aircraft Cabin & Information System
65853Innovation & Entrepreneurship
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