Computer Technology (666)

BookList 2016

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1st Semester

CodeSubject Name
65812Physical Education & Life Skill development
66611Computer application
66712Electrical Engineering Fundamentals

2nd Semester

CodeSubject Name
66621Database Application
66622IT support System-I
66623Graphic Design -1
66823Analog Electronics
65722Communicative English

3rd Semester

CodeSubject Name
66631Programming Essentials
66632Web Design
66633Graphics Design-II
66634IT support-II
65811Social science

4th Semester

CodeSubject Name
66641Object Oriented Programming
66642Data Structure & Algorithm
66643Web Development
66644Data Communication System
66645Computer Peripherals
66842Principles of Digital Electronics
65841Business Origination & Communication

5th Semester

CodeSubject Name
66651Programming in Java
66652Surveillance Security System
66653Sequential Logic Systems
66654Web Development Project
66655PCB Design & Circuit Making
68546Operating System application
65851Accounting Theory & Practice

6th Semester

CodeSubject Name
66661Principals of Software Engineering
66662Microprocessor & Interfacing
66663Microcontroller Application
66664Database Management System
66665Network & Data Center Operation
66666PLC Automation System
66667Web Mastering
66668Multimedia & Animation
69054Environmental Studies
65852Industrial Management

7th Semester

CodeSubject Name
66671System Analysis and Design
66672Network Administration & Services
66673Apps Development Project
66674E-Commerce & CMS
66675Cyber Security & Ethics
65853Innovation & Entrepreneurship
66676Network Security System
66677Embedded System Design
66678Advanced Database Management System
66679Game Development
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